Alphabet Garden

I was trying to come up with an idea that would intrigue my toddler into learning the alphabet. I came up with a alphabet garden. This way we can rearrange the letters and learn to spell new words.

To begin I painted and glossed a wooden alphabet set. 20120907-115353.jpg
Then I used a hot glue gun to attach each letter to a wooden skewer stick.

20120907-115402.jpgFor my planter box, I wrapped an applesauce cardboard crate with a floral printed gift bag. I attached the wrap with clear tape to the cardboard box.

20120907-115414.jpgI cut floral foam to fit inside the box. I used the box as a measuring aid. I used a utility knife to score and break the foam.

I added the dirt. I chose to use brown gift stuffing which comes in almost any color you can think of. I just placed a bags worth around using enough to fill box and cover the floral foam.20120907-115422.jpg

Insert all of the letters into your garden and watch your child’s mind grow!20120907-115428.jpg

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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