Bat Cats Attack!

Fall is fast approaching and is the perfect excuse to make decorations. Attack of the Bat Cats! 20120907-153230.jpg

This was fun, honestly, has been a bit time consuming, yet served as a great creative outlet at the same time. I did use hot glue for this project. It is a fast strong bonding agent which comes in handy for the heavy materials used in this project such as felt, clamps, beads and paint.

I began with a stencil of a basic cat outline. Then used that to traced and cut several felt bodies. You will need to cut out double the amount of cats you want to make.


Using scallop scissors ads some flare and also helps match up the edges.


Use half of the traced felt cut outs as fronts and the other half as backs. Decorate face of cats any way you would like. I used goggly eyes and animal eyes for more personality. For the nose I used mini pom poms.


For each cat tail, fold 1inch of long pipe cleaner against itself and glue folded portion onto each remaining felt back of body. Bend up the cat tail any way you choose.

20120909-124329.jpgGlue front and backs of cat bodies together, only after you are done dazzling your creation (this does not include the wings) Allow an opening at bottom of cat for stuffing. 20120909-125611.jpg

Adhere metal clamp to allow greater decorating options, i.e. they can sit or be attached to a garland or candle holder, curtains, etc.

I then free hand cut out wings. Folding the felt in half allows for matching wings. Decorate both sides of wings and adhere to felt body with hot glue.


7)Stuff and seal bottom of cat body.

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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