Spider Cats

One more post on a Halloween decoration idea. It’s another cat craft project. This is funny as I am not really a cat person. I have and have always had dogs. I had wanted to make something fun, kid friendly (more gumdrop than ghoulish) so the Spider Cats were created.


I began by painting a round foam ball with purple paint. After painting and embellishing with rhinestones and beads.


I then made cat faces using large black pop poms. I used mini goggle eyes and mini pink pom poms as noses. Each cat head was then glued to a small dowel. This served a dual purpose, a. ease of movement to glue small details on and b. the dowel is used to secure head to spider body.


This was the next step in this process. With the head inserted into the foam body (in the correct angle) Attach the legs. For the legs I used long black pipe cleaners folded in half. I glued the legs on at the fold, 2 per side made 4 legs for each side of the body. Each leg must be folded at the base for stability as well as bent up for ultimate spider leg effect.

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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