Balloon Races

We had the opportunity to attend the Great Reno Balloon Races this weekend. I had been waiting since I learned about it last year to go. As a mom, I am always trying to find new and creative ways to teach the ways of our world to my child. I was so excited to be able to show to him how heat rises. By being there to show how the balloons inflate and float he could conceptually grasp what I was trying to teach him.


Being able to see these graceful giants up close was a real treat!


This adventure called for a super early morning commitment, dawn patrol begins at 5:30 am, so we decided to travel in the night before to make this task much easier. The mimosas helped, in the morning, a bit too!

We had such a good time wandering around and just taking in all the color and activities. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested. This was a free event that was rich with content! This strawberry balloon was the all time favorite for my son. He is two and loves to have strawberries as a healthy snack. I won’t know until later if my son got the heat rising concept. However, I do know that we were able to show him an amazing morning!


Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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