Cocktail Umbrella Mobile

Today’s creation was fun to do. I cannot take the credit for the idea of the umbrella mobile. I owe it to an unknown artist who’s work is hanging in the local “I love Teriyaki” restaurant. A few days ago, as a family were craving chicken teriyaki bowls. We have a favorite spot for this yummy treat so we headed off. Upon arrival, I was delighted by this charming mobile hanging in the corner of the dinning area. I decided to make a spin off of what I saw. Detailed below are the steps to create your own mobile.

For this project you will need cocktail umbrellas, floral wire, pliers, quilters thread and a needle. Any thread will work for this project. However, I chose quilters thread for the additional strength of the thread. Measure the floral wire to the desired length then cut several pieces at the same length. Each length of wire needs to have the ends curled. Using pliers for this, simply grab the end with pliers and twist wire until loop is formed. For added decoration I chose to bend each wire section into the shape of the letter “C.”. To do this I used a role of duct tape as my form.


Once your wire is ready, grab your needle and thread and string several umbrellas.


Attach a loop of quilters thread onto the first piece of wire in the center of the curve. On one end of this first curve attach another strung umbrella. On the other end of your wire add a strung “C” shape to begin the next layer. Keep alternating until you have your desired look. On the last wire of your mobile hang umbrellas on both ends to finish. **Due to the arch of my wire the umbrellas each hung low so I only had room for 3 layers in this mobile.


Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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