Roasted Garlic with Rosemary

With the winter weather upon us, I find myself with the desire to use my oven more and more. The other night we had finally killed the rest of the delicious but well beyond it’s time, turkey soup. I was interested in making something scrumptious and that would refresh my taste buds and fulfill the desire to use the baking option yet once again on my Bosch (oven). Settled next to my microwave and collecting dust none the less, lay my wonderful terra cotta garlic roaster. Brilliant, off to the cupboard I skipped and located the necessary ingredient, garlic cloves. I was a little foggy on the recipe so I scanned the Internet for guidelines. Roasted Garlic I added a cut of fresh rosemary from my garden for extra sweetness. Serving suggestions are varied. I simply cut sourdough sliced bread into quarters.


If you are interested in getting this as a gift this holiday season, I have included a link to Amazon for this prooduct: Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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