Holiday Wreaths


Every year I find myself celebrating the various holidays of the year by making a coordinating wreath. Not wanting to forgo this tradition for the winter holiday season, I got busy with my hot glue gun, cinamon sticks, ribbon,and pine cones. For extra bling I found some fabulous glittered spirals as well as some crystal stalks that reminded me of the rock candies you can buy on a stick.

I ended up making two wreaths in this style. I made one extra large wreath. This hangs on our front porch to greet our guests.


The second, a smaller wreath shown here, I made for a family friend. Wreaths are a great gift for friends who are just out on their own in their new home or anyone who has yet to have a selection of decorations yet.


In an effort to make a more sophisticated wreath, I began scanning the Internet. I had wanted to use ribbon or tulle for a softer look. I played around here with some wire ribbon. Having the wire ribbon allowed for the loops to stand up for a more textured look. I also added cranberry and small pine cones for floral detail which added a nice holiday touch of color and to create a nice focal point on the wreath


I decided to keep going and create a tulle knotted wreath. This is simple to do with a very nice “touchable” effect to it. To create this wreath simply measure out and cut tulle in 12-18 inch panels. Wrap these panels around the wreath and secure with a standard knot and repeat.


When I went to add a focal point to this wreath I discovered my new and latest obsession. FELT! Felt flowers to be more specific. So simply yet so versatile!


There will definitely be more posts on felted flower creations. As for now, here is the final creation and my favorite wreath of the season.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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