Weather Proofing Windows


Now that the weather has changed we have been utilizing our heater to make our home a more comfortable environment. We have a multi level home which requires two heater systems as well as two air conditioning systems, for the summer months. As you can imagine this produces twice the energy bill. As we are all trying to cut expenses, I am always looking for ways to make out home run or efficiently and thus receive a smaller energy bill. I was cleaning our interior window sashes and I realized that located in each of my upper level sashes lay a small rectangular cut in the frame. The windows clearly came from the manufacturer this way. This drain slot is designed to prevent water from bling up in the sash. You can go online or to your local hardware shop and get plastic inserts to block the air from running in and out of your home. The $$$ flashed through my mind like wild fire. How long had we been living with these air gaps in our home, uncovered! Below is a picture of the above stated problem. Remember, I did end up cleaning off these very dirty sills.


I went online and researched for any information as to why or why not sealing these gaps would present any challenges in the future. My reasoning was that if the windows came this way, maybe there is a very good reason as to why they exist. I was not able to find a single shred of information about this part of a window being unsealed. So I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to blog about it. I chose to not buy the plastic inserts. I chose to use my caulking gun to seal these gaps completely with no chance of any air escaping in the future.

While we are on the subject of weather proofing, now is a great time to review and get to know the standard caulking gun. Pictured and labeled below is a basic run of the mill caulking gun. The letters below correspond with the labeled image.


A. Metal skewer: Break any seals created by dried caulk in tubes that have been previously open.

B. Trigger: Used to activate flow of caulking.

C. Hose Cutter: Activated by pressing the trigger this feature will cut open the tube of caulking.

D. Pressure Relief Lever: press to stop the flow of caulking once you have applied desired amount.

E. Pressure Bar: This bar is pushed up through the caulking tube to get the caulking flowing.

*Side note you cannot press the pressure Relief Lever (D) while pressing on trigger (B).

I ended up caulking six windows total. I simply placed the gun nozzle into the sash as far as I could and applied a line of caulk to cover each slot entirely.

I won’t be able to now the impact this home repair will have until I compare next months utility bill to ones from this time last year. However, from just simply feeling the air drafts gone, I have no doubt this was a major cost savings measure.

Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


2 thoughts on “Weather Proofing Windows

  1. J – My background is a building consultant ( ). Please allow me to explain those “drain holes” should your window ever be open to allow outside precipitation in, these holes will drain to the outside. That being said, some window manufacturers place a hinged cover on the exterior to allow water to pass to the outside while protecting draft from entering. Some windows condensate on the inside which drip to the channel and out.I aplaud your genius should neither of the two scenarios mentioned exist.

  2. Thank you so much for your educated and experienced answer. I shall come to you directly with any future home discovery questions. *my dad may be relieved or hurt by the lack of daddy questions and spontanious freak out calls. I can now direct your way! Wink

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