Sweet Heart Pom Pom Wreath


This creation was a lot of fun to make. Using pom poms randomly around the wreath allowed for creative freedom to be loose with the design. This is a great one to do with the kiddos as well. As soon as my son saw what the project was going to be he got very happy and eager to help place the poms all over. I was there to help and supervise the hot glue but left most creative freedom up to him. At least until it was almost finished. Then I jumped in to decide where the finishing pieces should go. He was so pleased to be able to get in on the action.

We started with a straw wreath, tons of pom poms in relative colors, (for ours we chose red, white, maroon, light pink and hot pink), as well as various sized pom poms. The different sizes gives the wreath more depth. We used some red cloth ribbon for our hanging loop and tons of hot glue!!!!


I started the wreath by tying the ribbon around the wreath and securing it with a top knot to hold it in place. Doing this step in this order allows for poms to be placed at the base of the hanging loop. This will make your wreath look more polished.

20130112-134933.jpgThen, beginning with the largest poms first, secure them randomly around the wreath with hot glue. This ensured that I could fill in the spaces that remained with smaller pom poms.


Once you’re done you will have an awesome valentines gift for your favorite sweetheart. xoxoxo


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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