Plastic Bag Use: House Plant Stuffing


We all know the impact plastic bags have on our community. They are responsible for pollution and damage to wildlife and landscapes all over our vast planet. Although, I may not have a solution for stopping the production of these bags, I can offer a quick tip for a way to put these bags to good use. They can be used as stuffing for house plants. Use bags to pad a houseplant they may fare better in a smaller more controllable environment, like the pot it came in from the nursery.

I picked up two Italian cypresses for my dinning room. I love they way they smell and they will serve well as a frame for the dinning room window. I have only seen these in outdoor landscapes such as backyards and in parks. Mature cypresses serve well as property boarders as they a known to grow well into the sky. It wasn’t until recently that I saw some that were small enough to pass off as house plants. I picked up two that were only about three feet tall. This will allow me ample time to utilize these plants as indoor plants.

Once these babies grow I can transplant them into bigger planter pots. In the mean time I needed a way to secure the small planter pot. These bags were the perfect solution.


After filling each pot with plastic bags, then cover with your choice of indoor houseplant moss. Below is a picture of the completed project.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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