Table Refurbishing


So if you read my blog you will know that I am a huge fan of the whole 3 R’s of life (renew, reuse and recycle). I can be found scrummaging through our local goodwill, which is a pretty good one, for treasures and baubles of all sorts. On my last trip, I was fairly successful at scoring some good deals. I found this hexagon coffee table. I was instantly drawn to its original and unusual shape. I was also fascinated with the detail on the top of the table. The top has this elaborate floral carved design.


Originally I thought it was wood but upon further inspection I realized that the top “carved” piece is actually a plastic mold. None the less very pleasing to the eye. This table also has built in storage underneath. The very best part was the $12. price. Love it, SOLD!

This piece still needed some love. The pull handles were very distressed as well the plexiglass piece was very smudged up.


The top was easy enough to clean with simple window cleaner and towel, yay. I polished up the wood with wood polish which again cleaned up fairly easy. A for the pull handles. I had some brass polish in my cupboard and thought I could give it a go and see what damage I could cause.

Below is the before and after picture. Wow! What a difference a little elbow grease can do!


After the handles were polished I put attached them back on the table. I decided this was enough of a facelift for this piece for now. In the future I may come back and decide to paint it and change out the handles. The plexiglass could also be swapped out for glass. I may do this after my children are grown. For now, surprisingly I welcome the plexiglass it’s safer. I think that this table was a great addition to our home and will last for years to come with future face lifts available to update this piece. The possibilities are endless!



Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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