Sparkle Hearts


What can I say, I love sparkles. Who doesn’t? Being the DIY queen that I am, I used what I had to create this bling’ed out Sparkle Hearts creation. Let’s begin with the supplies needed. I used a wooden heart tri on a rope, 24 gauge craft wire, needle nose pliers, a handful of sparkle round beads, glitter, paint brush and of course Modge Podge.


I painted each heart with Modge Podge then covered each one in a different color glitter. Once dry reapply. Once that dries, then string each heart onto the craft wire. Alternate with a bead then a heart then a bead then the next heart until you have strung all parts. I secured the bottom of the ornament by rolling the wire into a spiral round that stopped the beads and hearts from sliding off.


After you have strung everything allow enough wire to create a loop for your ornament. Using your pliers to cut the wire and to twist it around the neck of the project.


Here is the finished piece. I was able to enjoy it for a few moments before it was snatched up by my dear cousin. I am happy it found a good home and maybe an owner who loves sparkles just a little more than me!


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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