Pom Pom & Heart Garland


My Valentine’s DIY home decoration project keeps growing. Here is yet another creation for the holidays with my Pom Pom and Heart garland. To make a garland similar to mine you will need to make several yarn poms in three colors. I chose yarn in the following colors, deep maroon red, pink with silver sparkle detail and a very soft and fluffy white.


Instructions for yarn pom poms here.

I enjoyed using complementary colors and textures to ensure your eye follows over the entire garland. I also had some styrofoam hearts on stakes that I picked from the dollar store. In order to utilize the foam hearts, I removed them from their wooden stakes. I chose to use a thin red ribbon to string my garland. Once I had all of my supplies in order, I laid out a pattern. By previewing your design pattern prior to stringing ensures that you can create and string a balanced garland.


To complete this project thread a needle with an eye large enough for you to thread the ribbon through and thread your pieces onto your garland. I was not sure if I liked this better strung over my hutch or to use it as a stair rail garland. I have included pictures of both placements for ideas to use in your own home.



Click here for Anthropologies take on this idea in scarf form. Loving the Texture!

Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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