Alternate Vase Filler


I was changing out my seasonal decor around my home and came across a vase that I wanted to incorporate into my dining room. This vase was a bit smaller than the floral arrangement I had chosen. This meant my creation was very top heavy. As a result, it would not stand alone, the vase could not support the counter weight of my flowers.

Normally I use green floral foam in my vase bases to hold the arrangement in place. However, the light weight foam would not work. I searched my home for a 3R solution. What I came up with was genius! Aquarium gravel! I had a clean and unused bag of the brightly colored rocks among my craft supplies and bingo a solution to my problem.


I poured the gravel into the vase base and added my florals. It worked! The weight of the gravel poured into the base if the vase was enough weight to hold the heavy florals. My small vase could now support this larger arrangement. I am a happy decorator.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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