Mending Menacing Moth Holes


Recently I came across a sweater that was “unwanted” And was going to be discarded by one of my extended family members. I didn’t agree. This soft, heather grey sweater was calling to me. The perfect color the perfect size and the perfect opportunity to RRR! (Renew, re-use, recycle) Upon closer inspection I realized the reasoning for this sweaters abandonment, Moth Holes! I have taken great care to prep my closet with moth and silverfish prevention with cedar and keeping my closet vacuumed and my clothes laundered or cleaned seasonally. I have even been accused of being addicted to laundry before, and more than once. However, with hand me downs and treasures found from other people’s trash piles (i.e. donations to second hand shops) you can never count on how others treated the garment before it came into my possession. As well, no amount of cleanliness can take away these holes so the next step is to fix them. Click on garment care for more great clothing care tips.

My original thought was to use various colors of embroidery thread to create pretty flowers to disguise and repair the holes to this subtle sweater. Then I remembered that I had these fabulous colorful premade embroidery flowers. A perfect shortcut! I had my son select the flowers he wanted to see on mommy’s sweater. Then I stitched them onto the sweater over the holes created by some pesky critters.

This blog is pretty straight forward so I decided to do a picture collage to save space. For this creation you will need a needle, thread, a stitching ring, patches or adornments for sweater holes and scissors. I used a stitching ring to hold the woven wool of the sweater in place as I sewed the flowers into place.


Now, I have a pretty floral great wool sweater that is perfect for the upcoming cool crisp Spring season!

Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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