Lollipop Saver


Today’s blog is a simple 3R, (renew, reuse, recycle) tip for parents of toddlers, small children or anyone really. Often when I am out and about with my son, he is, more than not, offered candy from various vendors during our daily errand runs. Although candy may pacify the situation temporarily, these people are not realizing the sugar bear monster that I am left with after our encounter. For this reason, I monitor my sons sugar intake and limit his lollipop time.

Rather than save the wrapper, which can stick to the used lollipop and be burdensome to remove, I have devised a clever solution. I save the measuring caps from liquid medicine bottles and reuse them In our home and car to save candy and lollipops for my son. The candy is easy to remove at each serving and stands all by itself. Perfect!


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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