Modern Circle Wall Mirror


Today’s creation came to me while I was browsing the Dollar Store. I was looking at the ribbons near the bridal section and spotted these fabulous round silver lined plastic plates. There were three colors to choose from, white, pink or lavender. I went with the white plates. These plates could be painted any color you choose. However, leaving them in the manufactured color allows for the silver traced lining of the rim to shine through adding additional detail and depth.

After gathering all of the supplies needed to make my creation, my total rang up to a whopping $15.00!!! Such a great price for this DIY mirror. Online this modern style piece can cost over $100.00! Here is a variation that could be done as well. The supply list is as follows, nine (9) small round mirrors, two (2) five packs of plastic plates, one (1) package of crafting sticks, one (1) bottle of glue and two (2) packs of double roll, double sided foam tape.


Begin by laying out the plates in desired design. For mine, I chose a classic diamond shape. Actually, I had a boring square going, then my trusty friend walked in and twisted it on an angle. So simple, yet such a simple adjustment gave this piece what it needed to have a larger wow factor. Once I had a design that I liked, I turned the plates over in the same pattern.


Tape the flipped plates to countertop using blue painters tape. Then to connect each plate to one another, lay out craft sticks in a manner in which they connect all of the plates. Add glue to both ends of each craft stick in your design. Once each stick is covered turn them over to secure them to the back of the plates. Let the plates and glue dry to tacky.


To ensure a secure bond between plate and stick, I covered the project with wax paper and then placed a large box over the wax paper to apply some pressure while the glue set. I let this dry for an entire day. Once the glue was dry to clear, I re-applied glue around the outline of each craft stick.



The next step requires the glued design to be turned right side up. Set out all nine (9) mirrors and apply rows of foam tape. For this creation I needed to apply three rows of contrasting lines of foam tape.


This ensured a secure bond between the plate and mirror. The plates dip down and there is a larger space to fill in order to make sure that the sticky surface of the tape can adhere to the plastic surface of the plate.


Using a kitchen towel apply each mirror to the plates. The towel helps to disperse pressure around the surface and again ensure a secure bond between plate and mirror. I found this tape to be very effective for this project. Once all the mirrors are in place, the last step is hanging your piece. I simply used large thumb tacks to hang my modern wall mirror at two axis points. You could tie clear fishing line and hang this more properly. Another idea would be to hang this by adding cute or attractive ribbon and bow the top.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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