A Penny For Your Thoughts


This post is a little different. I normally blog about a creation or project and share the process with you, the reader. Tonight, however, I am writing to you about a life tip. I am writing about a true life experience, a learning moment if you will.

I have come to truly value the beauty of life. I also value the ability we have, in life, to learn to grow and to experience. Throughout my life journey, my son, has been one of my most influential teachers. Everyday with him, every moment, he is abundantly absorbing and experiencing life himself. As these experiences influence him, so does his ability to teach me. Along with this education, I am also getting a daily dose of practicing conscious patience. Take tonight for example.

We had a very full day of train play, learning games and potty training. We had a great lunch with great conversation and laughter. We recited the alphabet and numbers, (to the best of our 2 year old ability). The one thing that we missed today was the infamous nap. Any parent knows, take one exhausted toddler and subtract nap time and this equals a potentially chaotic evening for all parties involved.

As the evening was in full swing, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and my son was busy at the kitchen table talking with me and playing with some crafting items that were up there. In these crafting supplies was a roll of pennies. I was using the penny role as a ring sizer for some DIY bling I will feature on my blog as soon as I am done. These rolls are very familiar to my toddler. My husband and I have always collected all our our spare change. We then roll it and save it for a larger splurge purchase later once we have accumulated a small wealth. This saving technique is basic enough that we have now included our son in change gathering, sorting and rolling the change, helping to organize our loot. This way he is learning about the different coins and values as well.

My son loves coins, he loves to find them, collect them and deposit them in one of his various coin vaults he has acquired over his two (2) year life span. Don’t ask me how my son has four coin banks??? I need to also divulge to you that my son is also a huge fan of gravity with the whole cause and effect action in play he loves it. When these two collide, bam. What do you get? In one hot second, mommy finds herself playing fifty (50) penny pick up, all by myself none the less.

Normally, this would send me into a frustrated frenzy. However, tonight I found myself under the kitchen table laughing at the mess gravity and my son created. No big deal, right? I have this spill covered. It’s not like it was spilled paint or any type of liquid for that matter and at least I didn’t find him shoving the pennies in various body crevices to see where they fit. Remember, I am the mom of a BOY. Boys=messy/gross.

Anyway, as I was picking up the spilled pennies, I came across one that caught my eye. I pulled it aide and into my pocket so sticky hands Malone, a.k.a. my son, would not grab it. Later tonight I looked at it in better detail. We found a rare 1941 Wheat Penny! Here is a coins pennies link if you have pennies or coins you are interested in researching. I have included photos below for a picture reference of our discovery. Our first collector piece is a penny that is worth more than a quarter, very neat. I am so excited to start a coin collection for my son with this, 1941 Wheat Penny, serving as our kickoff starter piece!



Life has a funny way of teaching us the ways of the universe. By taking my time and allowing the full experience of cleaning up consume me, this allowed me to take in what I was doing and not go into mommy auto pilot. Thus we found our rare treasure. My closing thought and point of this whole blog is to…Remember in all of life’s chaos to take the time to find that rare penny.

Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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