Contemporary Chalkboard


My current obsession is something that I have seen all over the Internet on blogs and stores alike. I have also seen these items in high profile home design catalogs. It’s an obsession with boutique DIY chalkboards. I love how much flair this cute chalkboard gives off. These can be used a variety of ways such as menus for parties, welcome signs, family/partner memo board and anything really where you want to display memos, messages or notes. I love creating practical items for my home. It is nice to know that this post and project are no exception.

I also can’t help but notice that there seems to be a pattern to this months creations. The reoccurring theme is dollar crafts. I love to create things any “thing” really. I find inspiration everywhere. With this said I also shop a variety of craft stores for the materials I need. I also collect materials that I can upcycle and reuse from various sources such as the local Goodwill or other material recycle sources. However, every time I go into the dollar store, I feel a personal challenge to find quality discounted materials that I can use in place of the higher priced and often exact same item from big name crafting stores.

The supplies needed for this project are as follows, dollar store faux metal tray, chalkboard paint *you can get this paint in a spray or in a can, and painters tape. Using the painters tape, cover the parts that you DON’T want painted. Paint your tray and allow to dry on a level surface overnight. Remove the tape while your paint is still tacky wet. Doing this step is essential for clean straight lines. This way the paint and tape do not form a bond. If the tape is left on the tray until dry, the removal step could bring up your paint with it. Removing the tape before this happens will prevent this issue.

Once the chalkboard painted tray is dry, you are done. I picked up a picture fame stand, also from the dollar store, to use as a stand for my display board.

20130227-122500.jpg*a space saving tipis that you could adhere a wall mount hardware piece or decorative ribbon on the back of the tray transforming this board, taking it off the counter and onto the wall.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All post and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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