Spring Wreath


As Spring fast approaches, I can’t help but to be in a good mood. This season is bringing with it a healthy dose of good weather, at least in my neck of the woods. I can only speak for myself and my heart goes out to my family on the East Coast, who, as of lately, have not been so lucky in the weather department. Getting back to discussing the good weather happening here. All of this bright sunshine left me craving to make something that reflected the bright sunny feeling of Spring. In addition, choosing a craft creation that is something my son and I can do together is always a bonus.

Although, my creation and topic of today’s blog is marvelous. I cannot take creative credit. Heather Mann of Dollarstoremom.com made an awesome wreath, here is the link to her page and my inspiration, Spring Wreath: dolllarstoremom.com. I literally followed her instructions and supply list which includes, wreath base (in desired size), rattan balls, easter egg dye kit and a package of decorative birds to finish.

I stuck roughly to Heather’s instructions, almost every step.

My process varied from Heather’s only in that I added two (2) color tablets per each dye cup. I wanted to ensure a deep, rich and vibrant color result. Again, roughly, the instructions are to set up a dye station consisting of one (1) cup per color, with five (5) color tablets, found in the egg dying kits. I utilized a measuring glass with some fresh water for a rinse and a pair of wooden chop sticks. The chopsticks served as the tools for maneuvering the rattan balls through the dye process. My son was in charge of color selection and timing the dye lots. He really enjoyed watching the balls change color from a dull off white to a brilliant color.


Looking back, metal tongs may have been a better choice to use. The wooden chopsticks started to absorb the dyes and could potentially affect your color runs. I didn’t have this problem, the sticks weren’t damaged enough to cause an issue for me. However, the wreath we made was smaller and did not require as many rattan balls to be dyed. It is important to have a drying area ready. Remember this is dye folks, and could get messy quickly, especially with little helpers.

To make our station, I laid out two pieces of scrap cardboard under a set of cookie cooling racks that I have specifically for crafting not baking. The grooves in the rack helped to ensure that the dyed balls would not roll away. These racks come in very useful for drying projects. By allowing airflow around the entire item being dried, the drying is much faster. Another good point is that the drying racks also allow for the rattan to drip dry away from any pooling or residual dye,and prevents any color bleeding or unwanted blending.

Once everything has had time to dry it is time to assemble our project. This creation was very affordable and quite simple to make. Using hot glue, attach each ball onto the woven wreath base. Here again, my son had fun picking out where each colored orb was to be glued into place.


After you have a wreath formed you can add a sweet finishing touch by nesting a couple to a few decorative birds in your creation. I think, in total, I spent $10.00 to make this joyous and welcoming Spring wreath. If you are looking for a Spring decor idea that is fresh and fun, I encourage you to make one. The colors are so fabulous and add a pop to traditional or dull decorations.

Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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