One Quick “Spruce” Up


Outside of being the best mommy I can be to my son, one of my favorite pastimes is to create. I love the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment I get from pouring focus into a physical form of an artistic process. My second favorite hobby is restoration, which compliments my crafting bug very well. Often, I find that just a little bit of t.l.c. goes a long way into making something fabulous from something shabby. My post today is a quick restoration project on an outdoor wicker basket.

I acquired this basket along with the home we currently live in. I found this basket discarded in the side yard. It was old and tattered but still had held up it’s core form. The basket is a nice size and could be salvaged and utilized to hold a large amount of anything really. I have chosen to use it for the past couple of years to hold pine cones on our porch. These pine cones are supplied to us from the pine trees that grow along the trails that we frequent on our lake walks.

Every year the trails get littered with cones that fall from the trees. While we walk, my son and I select which ones we find to be interesting or in good shape and cart them home. In addition, at each new season we throw the older cones into our backyard. It is fun to watch for the Western Gray Squirrels to discover their new bounty of food and steal it away. I know they enjoy these tasty treats as I find days later the, devoured to the core, cones all over the yard. Luckily, they are not savvy enough to know or discover that there is an entire basket full of tasty pine treats on the porch.

Let’s return to the topic of the basket. Below is a picture of the dismal wicker subject that was desperately screaming for a make over.


For this project, it only requires one (1) can of good old outdoor spray paint. Additional supplies would be related to surface preparation prior to paint application. Any paint color works as Wicker is one of those materials that looks really good painted any color of the rainbow. I was not that adventurous in my color selection. I went with a natural dark wood color. After preparing the surface on which you choose to paint your project, ensure that the basket is clean from dirt and debris. This will prevent uneven paint application. Following the paint manufacture’s instructions apply the spray paint to the basket.


Re-apply until, you have the desired look. For better coverage spray the basket right side up then flip the basket upside down and paint again. Here is a picture of my basket done and drying.



After allowing the basket to dry, fill with desired filler. The finished project placed back in it’s home on our porch looks so much cleaner than it did previously. I am very happy with the color too! I love how it compliments the color scheme of the porch.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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