So Simple Cinnamon Pretzel Bites


This past Friday was a special day for our household. It was our son’s third (3) birthday. Being a good mom, I asked my son what he would enjoy having me make for him for his birthday breakfast. I started in with the usual request that I often get from him. Was it going to be eggs and cheese, blueberry bagel and cream cheese or something else? Well as it turns out my son had a craving for pretzels. Not just any pretzels. My son was requesting a soft pretzel, the kind often served with salt, mustard or cheese. Certainly not something you think of a breakfast choice. Being that this request didn’t seem to appetizing, I asked him once more what he wanted. Yet again, I got the soft pretzel answer. Fine! It’s his birthday after all, I was going to give him what he wanted.

As I was trying to justify giving him this snack as a breakfast item I suddenly remembered that there is a larger bagel franchise that sells bagel bites for breakfast. These bites are dipped in either cinnamon and sugar, or some kind of super sweet glaze. Both options offered are delicious but full of sugar and calories. However good or bad for you these bagel bites are delicious. The thought stuck with me and I went into the kitchen and looked through my cupboards for the ingredients we would need in order to replicate these bites. I figured this was a perfect way to change up my son’s soft pretzel request into something far more appetizing as a breakfast treat. I pulled down some powdered sugar and cinnamon from the baking cupboard. Then, butter and a plastic baggy.

Prepare either a soft pretzel or soft pretzel bites as instructed on the back of the product box. We chose to use the pretzel bites as they are easy to eat, especially for the little ones with smaller hands and mouths. The bites are the perfect size and I find them easier to divide up if you are sharing with others. If you choose to use a soft pretzel, simply cut it into bite size pieces once it has been fully cooked. Place warmed bites into a plastic baggy. Add, approximately one half (1/2) table spoon per pretzel or five (5) soft pretzel bite size pieces. Add cinnamon and one (1) tablespoon powdered or granulated sugar. I opted for powdered sugar.

The butter should begin to melt from the warmth if the cooked pretzel. After combining all ingredients into the baggy, seal it up. Massage the baggy moving all of the pretzel pieces around. This movement will ensure an even coating of the cinnamon glaze. The melting butter will mix the cinnamon and sugar combo into a gravy like consistency and will coat the pretzel pieces. Below is a picture of the basic set up for this project.


After mixing all ingredients around, you should end up with diy home done delicious soft pretzel cinnamon sugar bites.

Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll


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