D.I.Y. Cork Board


Today’s D.I.Y. creation turns junk into treasure. It was a true 3R project recycling, reusing and renewing some Sunday dinner casts offs, wine corks and an old tray that has seen better days. Collecting wine corks is a world phenomenon. We all are guilty of this habit although many of us don’t have a clue why we’re saving them in the first place. Well I am glad to say that I put quite a few of these puppies to work utilizing them in this craft.

For this project you will need, an old tray or picture frame, some poster board, glue, a ruler, box cutter and an ample supply of wine corks. With this project it is much easier working with corks all consisting of the same size. You will want to sort your corks and lay out a pattern prior to glueing them down, this eliminates any mistakes. Measure and cut your poster board to fit inside your tray base. Glue poster board into place. My tray had a pre cut groove where the wooden planks fit in, as with most picture frames they have a similar groove. I utilized this groove and fit my poster board inside of it for added support. Pour glue all over the exposed poster board, then apply your corks. Let the cork board dry overnight in the horizontal position, prior to hanging.


I had some faux grapes bunches that I secured to one corner with a small tack nail. This added flair of the grapes just reinforces the wine theme of the project.


Now we have a fabulous cork board that the whole family can utilize. I have it hanging in our kitchen and it looks beautiful!


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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