Monogrammed Button Letter


My post today is on how to make your own button letter art. My grandmother recently began cleaning out and unloading treasures from her sewing stock pile. Being one of the few d.I.Y.ers in my family, I was the happy recipient of bags and bags of amazing finds. Trims, scraps, yards of beautiful material and buttons! I now proudly possess bins and bins of buttons. My sweet grandmother is an amazing 3R guru. She saves almost anything that can be repurposed and she has such an imagination and vision. Now, I am not talking hoarder status, but she did have 50 years worth of sewing stock piles to go through. It took us hours and we are not done, there will be a necessary second trip in order to complete this overhaul.

One last tid bit about granny, before getting back to button art, she sets a high bar for fulfilling her calling to be an amazing philanthropist. For years she has donated her time and skills to sew bears and dolls for the local children’s home. In addition she makes three (3) sets of adorable clothes to go along with the finished dolls. She donated hand made shorts to boys in 3rd world countries and fleece turtleneck ponchos to homeless girls in her local community shelter. I am always amazed by her actions. I am honored she chose me to unload her casts offs too!

Getting back to the buttons. I have been wanting to make a monogrammed letter piece for our home for some time. I have seen so many fabulous ideas. However, I had been waiting until I was inspired enough to commit to a single idea. Once these buttons showed up, I instantly knew this was the decorative element that I wanted to incorporate into my letter art. I have included as many pictures as I could to guide you through this project.

My son had a great time sorting and counting and just generally playing with all of the various colored and textured buttons. He was given the job of finding flat buttons for mommy. I would ask for different sizes and he would search for his selection. I think he had a good time helping out with this creation.


This project required poster paper, buttons, glue, scissors, tape, burlap, picture frame and a ruler. I began by tracing out my letter onto poster paper and cutting it out. Then I applied glue to the entire surface and applied a base layer of buttons. I only glued out as far as I was covering with buttons, in sections. This way your glue won’t dry on you prior to completion of applying the buttons. I went with larger buttons on the base layer as well I utilized the smallest buttons to fill in any gaps. After the base layer of buttons is applied, allow drying time. I dried my creation on a cookie rack to allow air flow above and below for a faster drying time.


Keep adding buttons until you have covered the poster paper and reach the desired look you want. Allow the finished letter to dry overnight. While the letter (s) dry, it is time to work on how to display your letter. On a recent Goodwill run, I found a handful of amazing frames. The one that I selected for this project matches a frame in our home that came from an expensive art gallery. I was so please to find this frame, for $2.99 none the less! I have included a picture close up below.


In preparing my frame, I chose to remove the glass and wrap the backing in burlap. I love how the burlap gives this project a rustic home grown feeling. It plays off the buttons well. I simply used packing tape to secure the burlap to the cardboard backing. Replace the backing sans glass and secure the cardboard with tack nails. The packing tape works well as you may need readjust the burlap to eliminate any bubbles or loose areas of burlap. Using tape allows for easy removal and reapplying the burlap.


With the dried letter place it face down on a counter and apply glue on the back. Flip your letter over, carefully, and lay it onto your finished frame. For added security I stuck small sewing pins into my letter to secure it through the burlap onto the cardboard. Allow your project to dry again overnight prior to hanging it up. Pictured below is our finished creation. This was so simple and fun that I plan on making these as gifts in the future for friends and family.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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