D.I.Y. Coffee Bags


This past week my family and my dear girlfriend and her family went camping in Yosemite. Annually we all get together and tent camp with all the kids in tow. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work. Coffee is a definite in the morning necessity. Last year, I packed our glass coffee press in order to have coffee each morning. I thought by this year we would have bought a percolator for our tent required camping trips.

This of course was not the case. No problem, every grocery carries instant coffee, coffee powders or the fancy and rather expensive big brand instant coffee packets. We even picked up a pack for our trip. I also packed a can of ground beans. Our friends brought the same. Yet none of us had a way to brew our bean coffee. With us parents needing all the caffeine help we could get, we all partook in multiple morning cups of coffee. As you can imagine, our packets ran out quick.

After one day of having to wake up and hike up to the main lodge, Curry Village, for coffee and my mind was busy at work on a solution to our issue. My solution was quite genius. I simply used string, ground beans and a standard old fashion coffee filter. I didn’t get any photos while we were camping but here is a picture of the supplies needed.


Lay out one filter and place a scoop or two of your favorite ground coffee beans. Then gather the filter around the scoop of beans. Secure each coffee filter with a string tie. Since this string will be submerged in your coffee please make sure your string is clean and non toxic. Make as many of these as you need for your travels. These can be used for any sort of travel from home since all you need is a cup of hot water.


Each pack is good for a cup or two of coffee. Simply submerge one pack in a cup of hot water and step until desired darkness. I even save mine and refill with hot water for maximum use. This little trick saved my mornings and probably the trip! I had great coffee from there on out and I felt so proud to have fixed our coffee dilemma. These packets will be coming with us on all future trips. These equate to penny’s on the dollar to the pre made packets and you can make them with the beans of your choice.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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