Tea Time Tie Tip


As I sit here this Saturday morning sipping my decaf tea and deciding what I will be making the family for breakfast, I began to wonder if my readers knew this common little habit for tea. Today’s tip may be as well known and comfortable to your habits as an old hat. After all, lots of us may have been employed at a restaurant or coffee house once in our lives. For me, it was a retirement home restaurant during high school. I took many kitchen tips with me but this one is by far the one I use the most. For those of you who don’t utilize this tip, I think you will find your tea experience all the better.

When making a cup of tea and it comes time to add the tea bag, rather than sit over it and stew for the time it takes to brew, simply tie the bag off on the handle. This will serve you well when serving someone else tea as well. If you choose to brew the tea for them this tip will ensure that the bag and pull tab do not become completely submerged in the hot beverage. To tie off the bag simply loop over or under the handle and through the string loop over itself.


I am also a fan of utilizing serving ware when enjoying my cup of tea. More specifically spoons. I enjoy tea and this trick so much that I am surprised I don’t already have a true “teaspoon” collection. That is a thought that I will definitely revisit as that would be a fun collection to start. Again, this spoon tip may not be earth shattering news to some but I try to share ideas when I believe they can be utilized as a useful lifestyle tip.

When you use a spoon with tea, it allows you to easily retrieve the tea bag from your cup. Additionally, by laying the bag in the belly of the spoon and wrapping the tea bag string around the bag, you can wring out the tea bag. This is a cleaner and safer option. If using a spoon is more your style you can adapt this tie off tip and use it on the spoon handle. Lay the tea bag in cup and rest the spoon across the top of the cup. I have always enjoyed this presentation when making family and friends their tea. Happy drinking.


Thanks for checking out today’s post.

All posts and creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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