Energy for life walkathon: San Francisco 2014

My life is full of friends, family and love.  However, the one thing we take for granted the most, our health, is failing me.  I have mentioned in my “About Me” page, that I have been dealing with a chronic illness for all my adult life.  I do my best to keep our busy lives in tact and in order.  Yet, I fight a daily battle to rise with the morning sun and get my groove on.  I have a mitochondrial disease, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  I never know if it’s going to be a good day full of laughter and exploration of this cool world with my two sons or bad day full of pain, migrains, naseau, dark rooms, ice chips and vomiting.   I share this with you, not for sympathy; I am sharing this for support.  Everyday, I know that I am getting closer to an answer and finding some relief. One way that I’m doing this is by supporting a cause that helps me get closer to an answer by raising funds to help support the research of rare diseases.  This is the third annual walkathon for Energy for Life being held on Saturday April,  12, 2014.

Energy for Life SF website

I had the pleasure of walking last year with some if my dearest friends and family.  We had a great morning and truly enjoyed the event.  It is a beautiful stroll through Golden Gate park.  This year I want to open it up to anybody who is interested in supporting a great cause.  I am opening my team up to newbies to join us.  Please message me if you are interested in participating.  Thanks.


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