Lego Thor

It’s Halloween time again, and with only a week to go until my son’s school Fall Festival, we needed costumes. When I asked my four-year old what he wanted to be for Halloween he gave me a firm reply, “Lego Thor.” After researching online and not finding any Lego costumes for purchase, let alone a Lego Thor costume, I knew I had my creative costume work cut out for me. I found a handful of other DIY Lego costumes pictured online and those were very helpful to reference. Mostly because it was neat to see how other people interpreted a Lego into human form. Pictured below is our final product.

IMG_1113.JPGI was able to build this costume utilizing material I had around the house from prior art projects. I did need to buy 4 pieces of poster board as well as some acrylic paint. For the body I used the following: small shipping box, clear packing tape, box cutter, liquid glue, blue spray paint, red material (for cape), pencil and protractor (for created chest armor pattern).

IMG_1098.JPGTo create the body of Thor I cut a slightly off square shape out of poster board. Then on the poster board I used the protractor to draw out a pattern and then painted in the pattern using the acrylic paints. I spray painted the cardboard box blue. The box only shows on the sides when done but painting it entirely with spray paint was fast and easy. This also allowed for full even paint coverage. Using liquid glue I then adhered the poster board to the front of the painted cardboard box.

IMG_1097.JPGThe body is a box taped up and is on its side. The top and bottom of the box become the chest and back. Using a box cutter, I cut arm holes on the sides and a hole for my son’s head to fit through. Opposite the head hole I completely removed the area for the legs to pass through. I also measured my son sitting down in the box to make it comfortable and functional for him. For our cape, I cut some red cotton scrap material into a rounded cape shape and glued it over the end of the box. Once it dried, I then cut out a hole in the cape to match the hole in the box.

IMG_1099.JPGFor the head and helmet I used silver spray paint, yellow foam sheets and a red vines tub. To begin using a box cutter, cut out the bottom of the tub then cut a space on the side of the tub for a child’s face to fit there. This is a small tub and you will need to cut out an area for the child’s face. I have included both tub sizes for the licorice. For either size I recommend cutting out a face space.

IMG_1115.JPGI painted the inside of the licorice tub a light beige flesh color. Remember most Lego heads are yellow, however Lego Thor has a light flesh color face. I then had some yellow foam sheets that were perfect for the hair. I cut 5 sheets on one end in a zig zag pattern to look like cartoon hair. For the bangs I took a circle foam sheet and cut it in half. I glued one half to each side of the forehead area. The rest of the sheets were glued around the rest of the tub creating the hair. IMG_1116-0.JPGThe helmet is poster board. I started by wrapping the Lego head and securing the circumference of the shape. The next step I cut the nose piece and started cutting, forming and taping until I got the shape I wanted. I drew the wings freehand and cut them out then attached them to the helmet. I spray painted the entire helmet silver. The hammer of Thor was fairly easy to build. I used one of our toy axes from a Viking dress up kit we had. I separated the handle from the plastic toy blade. We painted the handle brown from silver to a brownish color to match what we needed. For the hammer part, I used a floral foam rectangle and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I secured them together with liquid glue.

IMG_1096.JPGThe last part of this costume were the boots. They were actually done at a request of my son. He really wanted the Lego feet. They also help balance out the visual weight of the costume. These are constructed from cardboard and tape, then painted blue to match the body. They easily slip on over shoes. They are very light and do not impede on any walking ability.

IMG_1095.JPGFinishing touches included dressing in blue pants and a gray long sleeve shirt. We also used a brown eyebrow pencil and added some strategically drawn on facial hair. I went online and referenced pictures for Lego Thor’s beard. Our result was a very happy boy and I must say a pretty awesome DIY costume.

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All creations are done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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