Mouthwash Hack for the Wee Littles

I love the fact that our four year old diligently brushes his teeth twice a day. He has also enthusiastically started using floss and mouthwash.  He enjoys preparing his toothbrush with toothpaste and initiating our brushing sessions.  I do a follow up throughout his mouth to ensure every tooth gets a good cleaning.  When it comes to flossing we have purchased the kid friendly plastic flossers.  My son uses these independently with ease. Kid flossers are great and do a superb job of being safe as well as effective. 

The final step in our dental regimen is the mouthwash.  This is also a step in the process that he is trying to master.  However, my son couldn’t find a way to pour the proper amount of mouthwash without a mess or worse complete spill disaster.  The bottle is large, awkward and rather unsightly.  I usually just pour mouthwash into a cup for him but I want him to become more independent,  at least at home with our supervision. 

My son truly enjoys learning new skills and loves to do things on his own.   As a mom I encourage this trait.  I want him to go into our world with as many tools as I can prepare him with.  After brainstorming on ways to make this final dental cleaning step easier for my little one, I had it.  I dawned on me to put mouthwash into a clean liquid soap dispenser.


This dispenser has now fixed two common issues.  The unsightly overly large commercial bottle has now been replaced by a beautiful glass and brushed copper pump jar. Replacing the bottle with the pump jar dispenser has also solved our issue of the over pour. Now we have a great measurable pump for my son to get his mouthwash independently,  3 or 4 pumps into a cup and he has enough to rinse his mouth. He feels so proud that he can now rinse all by himself. I am proud of him for wanting to become his own caretaker.

I would definitely recommend this for any parents out there going through toothbrush dental training with their little ones.  We no longer have messes in the bathroom.  I also don’t have to worry that my son is getting too much mouthwash or that the bottle is going to be poured all over the countertop.  With this new pump system he’s getting the perfect amount every time.

Thanks for checking out today’s post.  All posts and creations done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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