Jingle Bell Keepsake

A few years ago my son discovered a passion for playing with toy trains. We have been train museum members ever since. The California State Railroad Museum is our local train museum. In an effort to foster his development we visit often to play and explore the exhibits both indoor and outdoor. We enjoy all of their activities and interactive festivities they put on throughout the year. One of our favorite activities, and one of their sell out features, is participating and taking a ride on the Polar Express.

This live cast production is an amazing interactive magical train ride that takes all passengers to the North Pole. While enjoying hot cocoa cast members sing and dance to choreographed numbers. All set just as it it is portrayed in the Polar Express book and movie. Once we arrive Santa boards the train and hands everyone a silver sleigh bell. These keepsakes are fun to receive, especially from the big guy himself!

We have fun ringing the jingle bells throughout the holiday. It helps to keep the holiday magic alive for our little ones. We always ask if they can still hear the jingle. I decided that I wanted to keep a bell from each year as a keepsake for my sons once they grow and have families of their own. So I simply turned the jingle bells into tree ornaments. I did this by adding silver ornament string and an ornament hook. Wallah, done! My solution isn’t rocket science, in fact, this may be what the museum intended for the keepsake bells. However, I wanted to post about the bells since I didn’t do this last year and I had to hunt down last years bells to start our collection.

I know this post is only going to resonate with a small group due to the nature of the post. Not everyone rides the annual Polar Express. Yet, I hope it reminds us to all remember the small stuff. This may just be a silly silver jingle bell to many. Yet to us, to my boys, it symbolizes a fabulous family outing and a night full of adventure and fun. These memories will last them their lifetime.

My eldest son was excited to be able to hang his ornament on our tree. I want my boys to take these ornaments with them when they create their own families and decorate their own family trees. I want them to share the story and magic with their children. Having made these bells into ornaments gets me one step closer to this goal. Until that time comes, I will truly treasure and enjoy seeing them hung on our Christmas tree every year.

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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