New Year Noodles

In all of life’s craziness and on the go hustle, cutting out time to feed everyone is a real challenge. Even further, finding healthy ways to snack on the go can be even more challenging. When the responsibility multiplies as a family grows, it becomes even harder to find ways to keep yourself and your family fed on the go. Everyone knows how hectic life can get. Then throw the responsibilities of a growing family on top of that and you’re lucky to come up for air every so often. Often I pack a to go bag of snacks and small bites for the children when we are running around. I absolutely hate to rely on drive through as a means to an end. I recently discovered a great way to carry out feeding us on the go and in a healthy way.

For months now, I have prepared homemade organic broths. Using a whole organic chicken, turkey carcass or beef bones, I place them in a crock pot. The usual ingredient list is a core base of any of the following fresh water, garlic, celery, onion, carrots, kale, peppercorns, pink Himalayan salt and dried basil from my kitchen. I battle with a Gastrointestinal disorder and the morning routine of broth for breakfast has made a drastic improvement in my overall health. Often, in the past when I have needed to eat on the run, I have filled a to go cup with broth. A great soothing snack but yet on days of high activity I desired more substance.

On a recent trip to the grocer, I was cruising the import aisle and I discovered Soba Noodles. It seems fitting posting about Soba Noodles being that it is New Year’s. In Japanese culture these noodles are enjoyed during the New Year holiday. Enjoying this delicious dish solidifies wishes for good luck in the New Year. After all, can’t we all can use a little luck in our lives? These noodles are not made from flour. They’re made from buckwheat, which is high in so many good things. For further reading on the benefits of buckwheat click here.

I decided to add these soba noodles into my broth. I simply heated up my pre portioned bag of broth and added a little fresh water. Once this was boiling I added the noodles and allowed them to boil in the broth and soak up as much broth as possible. Now I have a fabulous natural cup of noodles. The noodles are adding substance and they make the broth more transportable as it is not nearly as spill prone as it is as broth alone. Using my collection of reusable mugs with lids that serve well to transport the soup, I fill them up and go on with my errands.For longer trips, I have disposable hot beverage cups with lids to use.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/75f/38821147/files/2015/01/img_1384.jpgThis has been great for us. My son and I enjoy a warm yummy meal on the go and it’s easy to eat which is fabulous for us and staying clean. Thanks for checking out today’s post. All post and creations done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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