Small Toy Storage

Now that I have two children, life presents a new challenge. I have one child who is developing and gaining an interest in intricate toys and another who is just learning to walk.  The older one has always loved trains. Now as he gets more and more interested in detailed train sets and all of the components, it is vital that I have a way to keep the choking hazards away from the little one.  As I mention in almost every post, I love an opportunity to upcycle items and reuse them for other purposes.

Recently my mom was cleaning out her garage and gave me an old Coca Cola bottling crate that I had used when I was younger in my room for decoration. I had almost forgotten all about it and was delighted when she had brought it out to me. I knew instantly that I was going to use it in one of the boys’ rooms as additional shelving.  

This is just a quick post to show how I was able to utilize an old Coca Cola bottling crate to contain the ever-growing massive trains collection that we have in our home.



To complete this task, I securly mounted two screws into the wall and hung up the crate. I utilized a level for additional accuracy on the straightening. It was that simple. I then let my older son arrange his train collection how he wanted.  

Thanks for checking out today’s post.  All post and creations done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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