Just Their Size Soap


Parenting presents many, many challenges. Some, if not most, we will overcome as parents and guardians. Some we adapt to and to some challenges we just simply need to wait them out.  This was my philosophy with the task of potty training my eldest boy.  We had mastered the elimination factor of this daunting task early on. However, when it comes to the handwashing portion, we faced another challenge.
In our home we are fans of liquid hand soap. All of my adult life I’ve opted for liquid soap in every  one of my sink areas throughout my home.  It’s easy to use. It is the cleaner option rather than a bar of dry soap that has been handled and set down wet and bubbly back in its place. This was until my older son started washing his hands, independently.   I was finding that after his bathroom session there would be a significant loss of soap in the bottle. The sink basin would be lined with all of the dispursed liquid soap. I was loosing my soap supply by the hour!

Each time he’d wash he would only push down  on the liquid soap bottle 1-2 times expressing the soap. Yet with his little hands and limited experience, he was having difficulty and would not catch the expressed soap.  Thus requiring him to start the whole process over again.   When I would come in to inspect his cleanliness I would find a sink full of liquid soap running down the sink basin instead.


I needed a solution. Something that would be effective and efficent effluent. Then an idea came rushing into my mind. For years I have been collecting little bars of soap from all of our travels. I guess I saved them as a momento or memory of visited places. Never a thought crossed that I would actually put these little babies into action. Yet, standing in the bathroom cleaning the sink basin for who knows how many times, a strike of genius hit. These mini bars would be perfect for little hands! I sprung upstairs grabbed my collection of travel soaps from under my sink.
Jumping into action I placed a soap dish along with 3-5 mini bars at each sink the children access. These smaller bars are easier to handle for smaller hands and prevents less of a bubbly slippery mess.
I can, as of now, report to you that our sinks are a lot less soapy. My son loves that he is still independent and keeping things clean. Lastly, miraculously my liquid soap now lasts upward of a month!
Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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