Couch Hack

Being that it’s been so long since I have posted anything, I am hoping this easy recent life hack will bring the writer within me back to life.  Balancing as a mom is no easy task and adding into the mix, an unpredictable chronic illness makes for some amazing time management opportunities in my life. Thus sitting and writing out a post seems a daunting task for me most days. However, this being such a simple yet very useful idea, I felt compelled to share this couch life hack.  

During a recent housecleaning binge, I noticed that, while moving my couches around, they were making noise. I couldn’t identify the cause.  They jingled while being moved to vacuum along the wall behind them.  As I stated before, I wasn’t sure what was causing the noise but it was enough to raise my curiosity.  I was determined to figure out how to access these mystery noisy baubles. There seemed to be a gathering, a plethora, of missing toys and other things gathering in the base of our family couch.   After my usual removal of pillows and pads I was not finding anything.  I then realized that all of these items had found their way to the depths of the internal parts of the couch. These items had nestled far beyond the reaches of my hands, arms or the extendable vacuum hose.  

I went around to the back of the couch looking for a good access spot.  I opened a small inconspicuous segment of liner attached at the bottom of the back of the couch. 

Pulling away the liner enabled me to access the inner workings of our couch. Once the back was opened and I grabbed a flashlight, I was amazed at the bounty of gems that had accumulated over time. I almost could not believe how many lost treasures there were. Then, I realized that one of the many things that comes along with family are the little reminders of the youngest members.

The addition of children in our home has added many changes.  Some of which are not always good.  This one however, was not one of those changes.  This has been a great change in that it really gave me perspective on how fast the childhood of my boys; the time with them as kids is slipping through my fingers. As I was gathering these trinkets up, I couldn’t help but to smile. Being present, I know that before I’m ready I will miss this task.  One day, the boys will grow up and I will go to clean out the couch of its consumed treasures and there won’t be anything to gather.   
For now, it’s been so great to find missing legos, game pieces and various other toys. Along with weekly couch moves for vacuum patrol I’ve been looking forward to checking through the back of the couch opening for anymore offerings.   

In order to close the gap in the liner opening that I created, I applied small self sticking velcro pieces to secure the opening.  I attached these pieces to both the couch frame and liner.  The velcro allows for an easy closure solution to bring the liner back up against the frame.  This is helpful if you have a couch back that does not rest along a wall.  It also gives a clean line with out a sagging opening.  This helps to prevent anything from getting into the couch as well.   

Thanks for checking out today’s post. All posts and creations done by Jacquelynn Knoll.


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