About me

Mother, wife and overall enthusiast of life. I love to create. It allows me a time in which my mind is free to play and wander. I am a mother I find great joy in sharing the creative process with my sons. We often engage in a daily easy craft that allows for them to think freely and process thought and gain confidence in their choices. Through this process, I have re-discovered my love of creation.

Creating is nothing new to me. Being a native to California, I can and often find inspiration everywhere I go. From the mountains through the desert and on to the coast. I have always kept myself involved in the creative process of design, art and self exspression all my life. 

This blog is a fun way for me to share what comes of new adventure.  I live for each of those precious moments when I can teach my boys everything that is within my toolbox of knowledge.  Sometimes more often than I like to admit, it’s my boys who are teaching me.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy my posts!


Jacquelynn Knoll

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